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Who We Are

Overview - 

GenZ Education teaches and engages teens in learning a variety of subjects, while having the opportunity to contribute their own posts. Our motto is "Old Concepts, Fresh Eyes," because we take traditionally overlooked topics and look at them with new perspectives. Our posts range from blog articles and editorials to YouTube and TikTok videos. These are all designed to be easy-to-read, widely understandable, and easily-accessible posts, that engage students while also providing useful information. Our content all fits into any of 9 categories, such as Educational, Political, Instructional, Advice, and more! These can be found on our main blog on our Home page. We also have a category for Opportunities, which contains covers on organizations that teens can join to get more involved in their community!

Origin - 

Our founder, Mihika Chechi, started GenZ Education over quarantine during the summer of 2020, with the idea that the benefits of personalized tutoring should be available to all, especially those who cannot afford it. From there, the idea for GenZ Education was born. We focus on a large variety of topics, taught from a youth perspective, that are more centered around deeper understanding rather than simply pushing out information, as is too often done in the current education system. In an effort to teach it all, schools often forget the most important part - retainment. Cramming information before a test and forgetting it all the next day is not helping our youth. GenZ Education takes the immersive educational experience of learning a variety of topics and combines it with the benefis of having a personalized system of learning. We are not only an educational and informative site, but also a community in which young children and teens alike can discover their passions and have a platform on which to share them!

Closing Remarks - 

Our team of dedicated Tutors ensures that GenZ Education has something for everyone. For those needing extra help with their math homework, our Educational posts are the perfect reference! For those interested in getting into Politics, but not quite sure where to begin looking, our Political Blog is a great place to start! Anyone simply needing advice can refer to our Advice posts, or even ask their own question on our Forum, and have peers respond. Even those simply wanting to share their favorite poem or attempt to write one, can do so, and have a safe, creative space in which they can make new friends from around the world and perhaps discover new passions! GenZ Education's core mission is to reinvent the way we teach our youth, and it starts with just one person!

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