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Q: What is GenZ Education?
A: GenZ Education is an organization focused on providing the benefits of a well-rounded education to all students, and helping students learn new subjects at their own pace. We also provide a community in which students from around the world can meet and discover their passions together!

Q: What does GenZ Education teach?
A: We teach not only subjects traditionally taught in school, but we also branch out to topics that interest the youth! This ranges from tips and tricks for students to master new skills as such as art or writing short stories, to advice on overcoming difficulties that pertain specifically to Generation Z and below!

Q: Who teaches the materials?
A: Our youth team produces content across all our platforms, including posting blog posts, YouTube and TikTok videos, podcast episodes, leading our international tutoring program, and updating our social media with relevant announcements!

Q: What makes the members qualified to teach?
A: Every member goes through a vetting and interview process, in which their resume and credentials are reviewed! Visit our Our Team page to learn more about each member!

Q: Can I also become a member?
A: Yes! Anyone in grades 8 through college and/or ages 13-19 can apply to join the team! Age exceptions may be made for exceptional applicants. Visit our Tutor Application page for more information to begin the process.

Q: What are the time requirements for members?
A: Members are expected to post a certain number of times depending on what position they have (all positions listed on our Tutor Positions page), and we are willing to work with your schedule! We ask that members be able to set aside at least 2 hours per week, though we are always flexible with our requirements depending on our Members' availability!

Q: What resources are available to me?
A: GenZ Education provides blog posts, YouTube videos, TikTok videos, and practice problems on a variety of subjects! We also branch out into Politics as an additional resource to break down concepts for those just getting into politics. Follow our Instagram and join our Mailing List for the most recent updates. Visit our Resources page for links to all resources.

Q: Do you offer tutoring services?
A: Yes! GenZ Education has recently launched a project called the Global Education Initiative, in which we partner with other organization, individual volunteers, and schools from around the world to create and deliver free courses on various subjects to students of all ages!

Q: Are you open to partnerships with other organizations?
A: Yes! If you have an organization with goals similar to ours, we are always open to partnerships/collaborations! Similarly, if you are a business interested in fiscally sponsoring our organization as an official partner, you're welcome to reach out! Visit our Contact page and select Professional Inquiries in the drop-down menu to send any propositions.

Q: Where else can you be found?
A: We can also be found on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok! Visit our Resources page to discover the full list of places we can be found and every resource we provide for students.

Q: Can I contribute without officially being on the team?
A: Absolutely! Our goal is to provide a platform for all youth to share their own take on the world around them, in whatever way they'd like! Members of GenZ Education can share posts of their own on our Forum page to spark discussions with other young people. Those who post also have a chance to be featured on our blog and Instagram!

Q: How else can I support GenZ Education?
A: There are many ways you can support our organization so we can keep expanding our reach and developing new programs to help the youth! Head to our online merch store here to shop and support our organization in the process. Additionally, if you would like to support any of our active fundraisers for various low-income schools around the world, head to our GEI page to read about them and donate!

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