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Global Education Initiative (GEI)

The Global Education Initiative (GEI) is a program founded by GenZ Education that is devised to provide students of all ages, backgrounds, and resources with educational courses taught by youth volunteers. Organizations and tutors around the world come together to deliver challenging, engaging courses containing a combination of pre-recorded material and live instruction in which students receive an opportunity to interact with new concepts and discover their passions!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to help our initiative in any way, please email us at

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What We've Done So Far...

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Join the GEI and become part of the change!

Submit your application to become a Tutor within the Global Education Initiative here! Note that all Tutors must be between the ages of 14 and 25.

If you would like to partner your organization with the GEI to work directly with Tutors, schools, students, and other organization leaders, please fill out the form linked hereNote that your organization need not be education-focused or youth-led to join the GEI! 

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Help Support Students Worldwide

All proceeds go only to the schools and communities that we are fundraising for! If you would like to support our organization and help us continue launching new initiatives to further educational equity, consider donating to us here or buying our merch here!

Active Fundraisers:

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Our Students!

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