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Member Application

Apply to join our team as an official member for exciting opportunities and the chance to increase educational equity around the world!

Personal Information:

Contact Information:

Details of Position:

Visit our Member Positions page for details of each position!

Note: In the event that the applicant doesn't reply to their email, we will try to reach out over Instagram to discuss details of the second stage of applications!

Select Position(s) of Interest:

Note: the Political Blogger position is a supplemental position with no specific requirements, so if you select it, please also select another position! You can apply for as many positions as you'd like!

Are there any subject(s)/topic(s) that you are interested in particularly? Your content can be on a variety of topics; we would just like to gauge your interests! 

How many hours per week can you work? Although we won't necessarily track work based on hours worked, it is important that tutors be able to set aside at least 2 hours a week if needed.


What are the greatest skills you believe you contribute and why do you believe yourself to be a good fit for the team?


How did you hear about GenZ Education and what interested you in applying for the team?

Thanks for Applying! Check Your Email Inbox for an Update on Your Application Status over the Next Week!

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