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Member Positions

Blogger -

Perfect position for those with a passion for writing! For anyone with a passion they would love to teach to peers or with ideas they wish to share, this position is optimal!

Editor -

Editors overview all blog posts before they are published to make sure they're perfect. Must have strong English skills in terms of grammar and spelling and be a skilled writer.


YouTube Content Creator -

Anyone familiar with creating and editing videos about their passions and interests can pursue this position! 


TikTok Content Creator -

This job is perfect for those who love the social platform TikTok! This job requires familiarity with TikTok and its latest trends, as well as being able to create posts on our account with updates and information!


Political Blogger -

If you have an interest in politics and like to keep up with current events, this position might be for you! Anyone with a passion for writing and a mind for politics can apply!


Marketing & Media Liaison -

Anyone interested in marketing will be fit for this position!  This job requires that you assist in updating our social media accounts regularly as well as manage business propositions and outreach to other organizations!

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