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5 Must Have Back To School Items

By Ani Rostomyan

Edited by Eman Hamed

To many people's surprise, summer went by really fast. After summer is, as always, school. There are differing opinions on it, but ultimately, the one thing that unites us is our excitement to get new school supplies. However, there are so many stores and products that navigating back-to-school shopping can be difficult. This article is here to help.

1. Vogue Aesthetic Notebook

This really cute notebook can be found on Redbubble, an online marketplace where users create designs for different products. It has lots of other designs similar to this. The reason I chose this notebook is because it’s not very flashy, so it’ll easily match with your other cute supplies.

2. Easthill Big Capacity Pencil Case

Some of you may think that this pencil case is a bit overkill, but in reality we have so much stuff that an ordinary pencil pouch won’t cut it. Even if it’s big, the design is usually so that all of your supplies will be thrown together in a huge pile. That lacks organization, and it’s difficult to write good notes during virtual learning. Even though school is online, you'll still need pencils and pens. This pencil pouch has many pockets but is still compact, which is perfect for fitting in an already crowded workplace. There are also many other pouches like this by the same company, but in my opinion this is the best one.

3. Paper Mate Ink Joy Gel Pens

These pens are best for writing neat, colorful, and aesthetically pleasing notes. The pens also tend to run out of ink, depending on how often you use them, so remember to keep the pen in when you’re not using it. They can be on the expensive side, so checking Amazon for a lower price might be a good idea.

4. Black Herschel Backpack

You can never go wrong with a classic black backpack. This particular one has a small pocket in the front for essential supplies, and it even has a laptop pocket inside! It is on the expensive side at sixty dollars, but Tillys has been having lots of online sales recently. Even if you won’t be going to school this year, you can use this backpack for studying at an outdoor cafe, or even on a trip to the beach(which is still open, by the way). On a side note, if you’re going to the beach, please be careful and stay away from people if you can.

5. Anthropologie “Stay On Track” Spiral Deskpad

Since home and school have been meshed this year, this planner is the perfect fit for online school. It not only has space for writing your daily homework, but it also has space for you to write down your projects, goals, and much more. This planner has a sleek, minimalist design so that you’re not overwhelmed by all of the stuff you have to do, so it’s a must-have for staying organized and on task.

If you’d like to explore more cute back to school items, there are a lot of stores that I haven’t mentioned. They include Staples, Minted, Society6, Walmart, and many more. Why are you still reading? Go get them before school starts!

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