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Bumper: A New Opportunity For GenZ

Partnerships ~ Produced under the consent of Bumper

By Lianna Avanessian

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a fun atmosphere where you may start investing and learning about the stock market? You may do so now! Many young people have been advised to start investing for their future, but there is little to no effective advice available to help you get started to learn more about finances.

There is, however, a fantastic opportunity to become a part of “Bumper”, a dynamic, fast-paced non-profit organization. This non-profit corporation may help you advance in your profession by allowing you to pursue your ambitions in the stock market. This is an excellent chance for anybody to acquire and develop these talents, which will benefit them personally, professionally, and financially.

Bumper's Background

Luke Moberly established the business in December 2020. The Bumper team has also grown to include four more colleagues since then: Teland La, Raymond Tam, Matthew Yekell, and Harrison Martindale. When Luke Moberly, the founder of Bumper, was setting up a Roth IRA, he became aware of the difficulties that minors face when attempting to begin investing. Luke aimed to address this issue and improve the way teens might begin investing.

Bumper was created as a result of NMotion, a startup accelerator in Lincoln, Nebraska. NMotion is a 16-week accelerator that helps entrepreneurs launch their ideas and secure their first funding. Bumper teaches and engages teenagers in a number of methods to encourage enthusiastic students in learning to invest and establish solid financial habits early on, while also giving them the opportunity to invest. Because Bumper is a startup, employment titles vary and are readjusted on a regular basis based on the company's direction. It's a genuine collaborative endeavor, so everyone helps one another in different ways and this allows for more creativity along the way!

How Bumper Works

Bumper is a perfect chance to help teenagers. They aim to encourage people to make their first investment, develop financial literacy, and get a rewarding experience along the way. Because the team thought that adolescents were the most underrepresented investment demographic in the stock market, Bumper chose to focus on them. And, as young people themselves, they understood the difficulties and aimed to develop a platform that is friendly to all new investors and gives them the resources they need to succeed. The crew is doing all that is possible to make it as simple and comfortable for their younger target. This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with such a thoughtful and well-designed company. They have focused on finding inspired, innovative youth-led groups, such as GenZ Education, and forming partnerships with them. The website emphasizes a learn-by-doing method and allows teenagers to start with just $1 and an adult to sponsor the account, making it as accessible as possible!

Bumper's Perks

Bumper educates students about the business and guides them through a tough and demanding sector with incredible prospects. They cultivate the following abilities: efficiency and responsibility, adaptability and adaptation, ambition and self-direction, and leadership. Investing in various firms may help you increase your savings and secure your incomes. When investing in the stock market, it is critical to understand that there are all sorts of details you cannot miss. Being a member of Bumper can teach and lead its pupils to understand about the financial world in all of its facets. Keep an eye out for updates on their social media accounts, (provided below), and sign up for Bumper's queue to be notified about all of the opportunities available, such as their in-depth Ambassador Program, which offers real-world experience, recommendations, and exclusive perks related to investment!

Where to Find Bumper


LinkedIn: Bumper Investing

Instagram: @joinbumper

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