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How to Find the Area of a Triangle

By Diya Sharma

Edited by Eman Hamed

Finding the area of shapes can help you in a surprising number of ways.

For example, if you decide to plant some flowers in your garden that just happens to be rectangular you are going to need to know the area of your garden to see how many flowers you need to fill it.

Or, if you are painting a wall and you want colorful triangles on it you need to find the area of the wall and the area of your triangles to see how many you can fit on the wall. Although these are just a few ways to use area, I'm sure you can think of many more.

Once you learn how to get the area of triangles it will become much easier to find the area of more complex shapes like octagons or hexagons. Now let's talk more about finding the area.

For a recap, the area of a shape is how much space there is in a flat closed shape. If you know how to find the area of rectangles and squares I’m sure you can find the area of triangles.

Let’s say you have a rectangle.

If you cut it in half diagonally you are going to have two triangles.

What this basically tells you is that the area of the rectangle is the same as the combined area of those two triangles. Meaning that if you divide the rectangle’s area by 2 you are going to get the area of one of the triangles.

You could just take any triangle you find and turn it into a quadrilateral but that's too much work. Which is why there's a formula! The formula to find the area of a triangle is

A= 1/2 bh

area= 1 / 2 base x height

It’s extremely similar to the quadrilateral/rectangle formula a=lw (area = length x width). We added the 1/2 because like I mentioned before, a triangle is just half a rectangle or square.

Lets try with this:

So the base is 6 and the height is 7 so all you have to do is replace the b and h in the formula with 6 and 7.

A = 1/2 x 6(7) -> A = 1/2 x 42 -> A = 22

Once you solve this, you get 22 which means the area of this triangle is 22 inches squared!

Hope this helped - now go conquer some triangle areas!

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