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How to Live the Good Life

By Fabiana Romain

Edited by Aleyna Doche

When I asked my mom about the meaning of the good life, she gave me three terms: health, love, and a good job. When I asked my sister about it, she told me about traveling the world, having all the things she wants, and being with her family. Have you ever thought, what is the definition of your good life? I know we all may disagree on this since we have different perspectives, and we live in different realities. However, according to Stephen Miller, the author of Planet of Success, "the good life" is a life that satisfies and fulfills you. One that adds happiness, joy, and a sense of purpose to yourself.

Now comes the most important question: are you living the good life? Nowadays, people are overwhelmed by responsibilities. We all have stress because of the future decisions we have to make because there's always this pressure to be successful in every little thing we do. Therefore, we sometimes forget about our well-being. After some research and reflecting, I've come up with five steps that are going to help you to live a good life.

Step number one is to be clear on your goals. If you think about what you want, then you'll get where you want to be much easier. Goals are a great motivator to make people feel more alive. They make life itself more interesting and set a direction for your life. Successful people, such as Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey, would not have been the people they are today if they had not been clear on their goals.

What does it mean to live "the good life?" In reality, everyone's definition is different...

Now there's a difference between working hard and working too much. When you feel like you have passed your limits, you must slow down. This is where the third step comes in: don't try to take on things too fast or too many things at once because it only causes you to be less precise, less aware, and less happy in general. Try to focus on one thing at a time instead of doing too much in a small period of time. That only decreases your performance level and brings you down. Slowing down helps you see the complete picture and allows you to find new ways to solve any issues or difficulties you might be experiencing. From my point of view, this also allows us to appreciate the little things in life, which make us happier.

The fourth step is to foster and nurture relationships. Human beings need contact with others, we need to feel that someone is caring for us, we need to feel loved. It brings us happiness. When we develop our relationships with friends and family, we grow as people, and we learn, not only about them but also about ourselves. By having good relationships with people, we know we can count on them, and that's priceless.

Last but not least, is the most important step: the present is all we have. So don't waste it overthinking about the past or the future - we need to take advantage of today. Try something new. Concentrate on your passions. Travel around the world. Do things to reach your goals. Because as I said, right now is all the time we have. The time we lose is never coming back.

So, to live a good life, you need to: establish the things you want to reach for, work hard to achieve them, set a good pace, appreciate your relationships, and never take the present for granted. And, as Christopher Morley says, there are really three key ingredients in the good life: learning, earning, and yearning.

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