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Introducing the Global Education Initiative

GenZ Education has officially launched the Global Education Initiative (GEI), which is a program devised to provide students of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences with educational courses taught by youth volunteers. Within this program, organizations around the world come together to formulate curriculums that youth members of the GEI use to lead instructional courses. Such courses fall under the categories of English, Business & Politics, Health & Hygiene, or STEAM, and vary in the level of materials taught. With this initiative, GenZ Education hopes to bridge the opportunity gap present within access to education around the world and help provide students with tools to further their educational growth.

See answers to frequently asked questions below:

What is the Global Education Initiative?

The Global Education Initiative is a long-term project furthering educational equity around the world. Through courses lasting 4-8 weeks, focused around a diverse range of subjects, we provide new educational opportunities for students around the world.

What is the goal of the Global Education Initiative?

Our primary goal is providing structured courses that can advance students’ passions and interests as well as provide additional educational opportunities for youth around the world.

Who does the Global Education Initiative focus on?

Our courses are designed to be equitable for students around the world, but our primary focus is on aiding those in low-income communities and students with disadvantages that can limit their educational opportunities.

What courses does the Global Education Initiative teach?

All courses fall under one of the following subject categories:

  • English


  • Business & Politics

  • Health & Hygiene

Tutors may choose specific courses of their choice to teach, ranging from Computer Science courses, to Public Policy courses, to Philosophy courses! Different courses may be offered at different times, but core curriculum classes and the majority of the offered courses will always be offered.

Who is involved with the Global Education Initiative?

The Global Education Initiative was originally launched by GenZ Education but functions with the collaborative effort of several organizations around the world!

What are the roles of organizations within the Global Education Initiative?

Each organization within the Global Education Initiative contributes to perfecting and contributing courses, forming regional teams, reaching schools and communities in need, and coordinating mentors and tutors within the program!

Who are the educators of the Global Education Initiative?

The educators of the Global Education Initiative are volunteer youth tutors from around the world. Volunteers range from 13-25 years old and they choose the courses they wish to tutor students in.

How are courses taught to students who speak foreign languages?

Our tutors coordinate with educators in the schools or communities they are tutoring in to translate the courses to the native language of the students. Regional tutors also collaborate with international tutors to translate and create multilingual courses suitable for all students present.

How do international tutors differ from regional tutors?

All tutors teach courses and have the same general responsibilities! International tutors are not focused on tutoring a specific community or region and/or are independent volunteers not from one specific organization. Regional tutors are based in their local areas and help coordinate with nearby schools and communities; regional tutors also work with international tutors to translate classes for students, if needed.

What platform are courses taught on?

All courses are taught via Zoom by default; depending on the needs of specific schools and communities, this may be changed to other platforms, such as Google Meets.

Are all courses taught live?

Most courses are taught live through video-conferencing platforms! However, depending on time zone differences and the age of the students, some courses may consist of asynchronous, pre-recorded videos that students watch and learn from in-class. Such courses will also generally offer 2-4 live sessions in which students can participate in activities and have the opportunity to ask questions, etc.

How can I join the GEI as a Tutor?

Fill out the form linked here to apply to become a Tutor with the GEI; you should be notified of your application status 3-5 days afterward! Note that all tutors must be between the ages of 14-25 years old, although exceptions may be made for exceptional applicants.

How can my organization become a member of the GEI?

If you are a leader within or founder of an organization of your own, fill out the form linked here to apply for the organization to become a member of the GEI. If selected, your organization's executive team will be able to help manage the GEI's functions (school coordination, student/Tutor outreach, curriculum creation, course proposals, and anything else that is of interest to your executive team and other members). Note that your organization does not have to be education-focused or youth-led to become part of the GEI! We are looking for groups with diverse goals, backgrounds, and experiences to allow students around the world to discover their passions and strengths - whatever they may be!

Visit the Global Education Initiative page on our website (found under the About category) to explore our work, discover the students we impact, and find ways to get involved!

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