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By Arden Suvalle

The improbable

The freshly dosed diabolical

My only question is

Is it possible?

The taped up tender heart bender

Impracticality of a dreary inquiry

Jokes aside the broken defender

Questions and their tipping weary

Only then, then proven now

Chaos and its unjustified justification

Paradoxical fresh meat, that’s how

Ply and pry and over exasperate

Just look at the possible

The blankness beat to infuriate

Shh, calm, it's not too exhaustible

Clammy, hammy, sweaty palms

Fretting front anxiety

Inhale exhale the rights and their wrongs

The preluding force of your unstoppable gravity

Attempt with success

Yes, I’ve succeeded my attempt

Step two in process

Today it has not been just dreamt

A plan carefully put into effect

Todays the date

Recite this without dialect

It’s not fate

Or do we even believe in such

Rain cascading

Is this too much

No, the effect is not degrading

Perfect in its strange mindset

Graveled repelled the rainy wet

The humid and cold answering question

The possibility is one-hundred percent with no other detection

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