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Reasons a Career in Business Is Ideal for Young Workers With Disabilities

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As a person with disabilities, deciding on what to do with your future is often a challenge. But there are industries and fields you can go into that will allow you to utilize your strengths without focusing on what makes you different. A career in business, which is admittedly a broad term, is a smart choice. On the GenZ Education blog, we take a look at why.

You can start your own business.

An MBA, a general business degree, or even more specialized degrees in an area such as computer science, will allow you an opportunity to start your own business consulting for other SMBs. In the computer science scenario, you can help other business owners with data structure, artificial intelligence, architecture, systems, logic, and computer theory. An MBA in business can teach things like communication skills and time management. Another option is to earn a marketing degree, which gives you the skills to assist with brand management, pricing, and market research. These are also great skills to list on a resume when you’re seeking your first post-college job.

Skills translate across many industries.

With most business degrees, you’ll learn basic concepts that translate well to all industries. In other words, you won’t be stuck servicing the financial services or healthcare sectors, for example. You can easily find a job in logistics, manufacturing, or even bioscience. As you gain some experience, you’ll also qualify for higher-paying positions, even if you change industries.

It’s practical.

For the reasons listed above, a job in business is a practical choice. Your business acumen will be attractive to large companies, such as Microsoft, and even a small, mom-and-pop shop in your own hometown. More importantly, there is almost always a demand for people with highly refined business skills, such as negotiation and time management. You’ll be in a better position to move quickly through the entry level and start earning a professional income faster.

More opportunities to specialize.

Once you get started in your career, working in business means that you can choose which industry you like the most and polish your skills to suit that particular type of company. For example, you may find that you thrive in an environment that ships internationally. You can learn more about international shipping policies and procedures and maybe even take over a logistics department. You can even focus on sustainable ecopreneurship.

You can change jobs at any time.

How many jobs do you expect to have in your lifetime? Workopolis estimates that the most recent generation of upcoming workers can expect up to 40. A degree and career in business mean you can switch gears whenever you’re ready. This gives you a better chance at obtaining a work/life balance, which is crucial to mental health.

You can often work remotely.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a career in business for people with disabilities is that there are many jobs you can work remotely. A director of marketing, for example, may earn up to $150,000 while a concierge director can easily top six figures. Working remotely means that you can outfit your workspace to suit your needs and abilities. You won’t be tied down to a “traditional” workplace that may not be built around a universal experience.

You’ll meet lots of great people.

More and more, our disabilities are becoming accepted in both the workplace and in the mainstream world. Working in business, you’ll get to meet people, both with disabilities and without, that can enhance your life personally and professionally. Remember, people with disabilities don’t just need a special place to socialize, but we also benefit from being included in all situations.

When you’re looking for a degree, with no further than your favorite aspect of business. Whether you want to work in marketing, human resources, or technology, a career in any of these areas will help you achieve the success you desire as a professional. Before you choose a path, do your research. No matter what you do, remember that the future is business, and the future is yours.

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