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The Truth

By Daphne Sakavellas

Edited by Ella Fasciano

Why? What's the reason for anything we do? Why am I here? What is my purpose? If these are recurrent thoughts you have, good. Existential crises are positive even though you may feel minute. You are minute, just one soul out of too many for your tiny brain to even comprehend. Chances are, nothing you do will matter in the grand scheme of things - nothing. Living up to your parents' standards does nothing. Changing yourself to fit other peoples standards does nothing. Studying 5 hours to pass a bio test, nothing. It's all pointless. Our purpose in this life, in this society, in this dimension, is to work until we die.

Why do we just adhere to these standards? Why don't more people realize how awful this system is? Why don't more people wake up and realize that they can do absolutely anything they want? Life is not like a video game; there is no pop up message telling you to stop your actions. There is no forcefield keeping you from going places. The only obstacles keeping you from doing what you want is society's standards and your own mind. You must realize how much freedom you truly have. You have to stop being afraid of what people may think of you. I am not saying to do something rash like go off on a killing spree, but I am saying stop avoiding doing what you want to do out of fear of judgement.

To be brutally honest, no one cares what you do. Everyone is way too preoccupied with their own problems to give more than a moment's thought to yours. Of course friends and partners care, but still not as much as your overcritical mind may think. People are so afraid to just let themselves do what they want because they think people will judge them. If others do judge you, so what? What is going to happen? Jessica will think you're weird? So what? After about 15 minutes, she is not going to remember anything you do. Nobody cares.

We have so much freedom, but so many of us don't realize it. So many of us don't even think to question society, to question people's authority. The majority of people blindly trust society and do what they think they are supposed to do. I simply don't understand it. Why be so idle, so ignorant, so trapped? Realize what you can do, because in reality, no one is going to stop you. Of course if you break the law, there will be consequences, but with anything else, no one has the power to do anything to you. You have all the power and all the authority over your life. Do what you want. Stop being scared. Question everything.

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