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Welcome to GenZ Education

GenZ Education was founded with the idea that today's youth should be able to learn and grow at school at their own paces. Students too often fall behind when forced to learn at the same pace as their peers. The simple fact is that all students are not the same - and this is where our education system falls short. Treating all students the same does not effectively instill the required curriculum into their brains, which is why those with personal tutors statistically tend to do better at school. Not only that, but children with tutors also tend to have a boosted sense of self-confidence and better work and study habits.

Learning something new with a group has been proven to help set it into memory!

GenZ Education takes a fresh look at concepts by working to personalize the education system. For students who can't afford private tutors or the like in school, this is a completely free alternative which looks to allow students similar results. By using short, easy-to-understand videos, blog posts, and more, learning concepts becomes much easier. Youth tutors post everything from simple concepts taught in schools to larger ideologies not as traditionally discussed. Our main focus is on allowing students to ask questions and have access to tutors specialized in a wide variety of topics, as well as have a source for tips and advice in school. Refer to our Home page to read our blog posts on assorted topics of our interest - and yours!

Along with informational posts, GenZ Education also emphasizes study habits, techniques, mnemonics, and more for students as young as kindergarten up to 12th grade. Students can opt to join our Mailing List to receive email updates of new posts, upcoming opportunities, and more. Along with receiving help from our tutors, students can also post their own blogs and questions and discuss topics with one another, or even simply make new friends! Visit our Forum page to access this component.

To find personal tutors who teach for free or low-cost, visit our Contact page and select Extra Resources in the drop-down menu! We will provide you with a list of tutors and their information, if any are available at the time! Note that these tutors and the material they teach are not affiliated with GenZ Education - we simply them as additional resources for students in need!

Check out our Blog post "How to Live the Good Life" to begin learning some useful life skills.

However, GenZ Education isn't just about teaching topics taught in school. We also prioritize the community aspect of learning together, and making friends along the way! Our posts range from teaching basic school subjects to creative tutorials, book and media reviews, philosophical discussions, opportunities for teens to get involved in projects, and also discussing how to overcome difficulties faced particularly by Generation Z and younger!

Information about each individual tutor can also be found on our website's Our Team page! Members can also apply to become tutors on our Member Application page, after which they will be invited for the second stage of applications, if they meet the requirements. Tutors must be in grades 8-college.

A large majority of our tutors also have a great interest in politics, which inspired our Politics page! Here, we provide intermittent updates on the political world, as well as breakdowns on historic moments in politics. We truly believe that politics is present in almost every component of everyday life, making it vital for the youth to be educated on the world's events (both current and of the past). Although we do not necessarily "teach" politics, our page does focus on making large concepts and complicated situations easier to understand for those just getting into politics!

Are you ready to embark on your learning journey? Start today and make new friends from around the world and discover your passions along the way!


GenZ Education is also available on popular platforms easily accessible to the youth, including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, where more information, blogs, and videos can be found.

In order to maintain our personalized, easily-accessible, and understandable approach to learning, we are always welcome to suggestions on improving our resources or tools for the youth! Visit the Contact page on our website for further information.

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