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Why Vote?

By Kathleen Khorn

Edited by Sophia Layton

~ Op-Ed ~

Voting is an essential right of any American citizen. Not only does one’s vote matter, it also has the ability to swing a state one way or the other. These “swings” refer to states that have the ability to go red or blue. These two colors refer to America’s two party system: Democrat and Republican. But, with the year of 2020 coming along with challenges like COVID-19, it is more important than ever to vote.

According to a study done by USA Facts, only 57% of American citizens vote in presidential elections. Although such a low voter turn out is a question for concern, it is much more likely to drop even lower due to this year’s unique circumstances. This year, the voting process is extremely different. To start, one must check to be sure they are in fact registered to vote. This is a fairly simple process and can be found from a simple google search. Next, one must send in their request for a mail-in ballot. Several states consider fear of COVID a valid reason for a mail in ballot, while others do not. Please check your local state guidelines regarding voting methods (mail-in and absentee).

As mentioned prior, voting is incredibly crucial to modern day American life. To not vote is a slight abuse of domestic privilege. Voting is a sacred right that many have lost and sacrificed their lives for. So, get out and vote!

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